Postgres Plus Subscription Plans and Prices

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Developer Edition
Postgres Plus
Standard Edition
Postgres Plus
Enterprise Edition
Database PostgreSQL or
Postgres Plus Advanced Server
PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Advanced Server
Enterprise Security Features
Enterprise Performance Features
Enterprise Developer Features
Enterprise DBA Features
Oracle Compatibility
License See editions → PostgreSQL License Commercial License (1)
Tools for Performance, Scalability, High Availability, and Management (2)
EDB Update Monitor  
EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager  
EDB SQL/Protect  
EDB xDB Replication Server
Single-master (SMR)
EDB Migration Toolkit  
EDB Failover Manager   Option to Buy
EDB xDB Replication Server
Multi-master (MMR)
  Option to Buy
Software Maintenance Services
Software Updates
Security Alerts / Updates
Severity 1 Bug Escalation and Hot Fix
Premium Support Services
Support Service Level 10 x 5 24 x 7 24 x 7
Initial Response Goal 48 hours 1 hour 1 hour
Named Contacts 1 4 4
Support Modes Phone / Email / Remote Phone / Email / Remote Phone / Email / Remote
Incident Description Application Development Production Systems
Number of Incidents Unlimited (3) Unlimited Unlimited
Web Portal Case Management
PDF Documentation
Software Archive
Premium Technical Webcasts
Subscription Terms 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years
Unit of Measure (UOM) Person Socket (4) Socket (4)
Price per UOM per Year $6,250 $4,900 $6,900
Virtual Pricing n/a Contact us...
EDB Failover Manager n/a $1,000 / cluster node (5) Included
EDB xDB Replication Server (MMR)   $1,500 / cluster node (6) Included
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Discount Plans
•Multi-year Subscriptions
•Volume Pricing
•Non-Profit / Educational
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Download Database Software and Tools for Each Edition
Downloads Choose → PostgreSQL for Standard Edition Postgres Plus Advanced Server for Enterprise Edition
Note 1 Limited Use License allows 60 day evaluation use only or use for the term of a Developer Subscription. Production use license (EDB License, Support and Services Agreement) included in Enterprise Edition subscription purchases only.
Note 2 Tools are not sold independent of a database subscription. Optional tool subscriptions may only be purchased when an equal or greater number of Standard Edition subscriptions is purchased or was previously purchased.
Note 3 Maximum of 3 open tickets in any 48 hour period.
Note 4 An integrated circuit with more than one central processing unit core will be considered a single CPU Socket.
Note 5 2 node minimum. The witness node which should not be on a database node is not counted.
Note 6 2 node minimum i.e. 2 master nodes.
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Production Incident Support

All Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition subscribers receive licensing to selected EDB software programs and premium software support from that includes: maintenance software upgrades, security upgrades, technical alerts and around-the-clock technical support.

EDB staff skilled in production Postgres systems and reinforced by both community experts and EDB engineers, review and respond to all technical inquiries.

With 24x7 availability and more PostgreSQL expertise than anywhere else, we gather information, analyze it, eliminate guesswork, and get you back to optimal operating status quickly with solutions that will last.

Subscription Summary

  • Licensing(1) for EnterpriseDB software:
    • Postgres Plus Advanced Server (Enterprise Edition only)
    • EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (including the SQL Profiler)
    • EDB xDB Replication Server single-master configurations
    • EDB xDB Replication Server multi-master configurations*
    • EDB Failover Manager*
    • EDB SQL/Protect
    • EDB Migration Toolkit
    • EDB Update Monitor with Automatic Update Notification
  • Indemnification (Enterprise Edition only)

* Enterprise Edition or with Standard Edition Option Purchase

Support Summary

  • Software Updates
  • Software Technical Alerts
  • Field Hot Fixes for Severity 1 Bugs
  • Documentation in PDF format
  • Predictable software lifecycle schedules for data center support, budgeting, and migration planning
  • Technical support from PostgreSQL experts backed by community leaders and EDB engineers
  • Technical Support
    • 24 x 7 x 365 coverage
    • 1 hour initial response times
    • 4 Named Contacts
    • Unlimited number of incidents
    • Multiple support modes: phone, email, and remote connect
    • Web-based Case Management Portal
    • KnowledgeBase
  • Premium Webcast content
  • Visibility into and influence over product roadmaps
  • Early access to new software releases

Note (1): For details, see the EnterpriseDB License, Support and Services agreement.

Technical Support Incident Types

The types of incidents supported and not supported are noted below.

Technical Support Coverage:

  • Severity Error Level 1 Issues: A catastrophic production Error in the Software which severely impacts Customer's production systems, or in which the Software in Customer's production systems are down or not functioning; or an Error in the Software which is causing a loss of production data and no procedural work around exists. Severity 1 Errors also include security breaches.
  • Severity Error Level 2 Issues: These issues mean the Software, which is in production, is operational but certain major functions are not performing in accordance with the Documentation and no workaround is available.
  • Severity Error Level 3 Issues: These issues are (a) minor functions of the Software, which is in production, are not performing in accordance with the Documentation or (b) the Software, which is in development or a test environment, is not performing in accordance with the Documentation.

Support Exclusions

  • A failure of hardware, equipment or programs not covered by Support
  • Customer's failure to comply with operating instructions contained in the Documentation
  • A modification, enhancement or customization of the Software by anyone other than EnterpriseDB
  • Any cause or causes beyond the reasonable control of EnterpriseDB (e.g. floods, fires, loss of electricity or other utilities), errors arising from anything other than Software, such as, web-servers or hardware
  • Installation, configuration, management and operation of the Customer's applications
  • Software obtained from anyplace other than through the EnterpriseDB website
  • APIs interfaces or data formats other than those included with the Software
  • Products installed in an environment not supported by EnterpriseDB or EnterpriseDB products beyond their Extended Support lifecycle

Note: Production support does not include assistance in learning how to write database applications using one of the many languages supported by PostgreSQL. It does however, include help in tracking down suspected bugs or issues directly related to a language.

Download the Database Subscription data sheet.


Developer Incident Support

A Postgres Developer Subscription provides long term application development support during the development phase of your Postgres project rollout. You get access to experts who can help you master the basics of a development language, configure and optimize your setup, assist in implementing application code across enterprise architectures, and perfect your diagnostic techniques. A Developer Subscription will improve your skills and ensure you make the most of your time and effort.

Don't put your schedule at risk - keep your project on track and ask the Enterprise Postgres experts!

To buy a Developer Subscription contact us today!

Developer Subscription Details

  • 1 or 3 year subscription term
  • Available for either PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server
  • Extends the Limited Use License term for Postgres Plus Advanced Server for the term of the Developer Subscription
  • Software updates in installers (no downloading, configuring, building, testing of source code)
  • Software Technical Alerts
  • Documentation in PDF format
  • Predictable software lifecycle scheduling and budget planning
  • Technical support from Postgres experts with access to community leaders/contributors
  • Business hours availability
  • Multiple support modes: phone, email, and remote connect
  • Web-based Case Management
  • KnowledgeBase access
  • Premium Webcast content

Developer Technical Support Incident Types

Developer support includes an unlimited number of incidents qualified with a maximum of 3 open support tickets at any one time. Each subscription is assigned to one individual and only this individual will be able to submit tickets.

The Developer Subscription does not support production database servers; only those in pre-production deployments (i.e. dev/test). Staging systems separate from test systems are considered part of a production system. The Developer Subscription does not include the use of Postgres Enterprise Manager, xDB Replication Server or Failover Manager.

The types of incidents supported and not supported are noted below:

Supported Incident Types:

Exceptions available by contacting your account manager.

  • Applies only to software downloaded from
  • Installation
  • Basic configuration
  • Assistance with Migration Tool Kit as provided by EnterpriseDB.

Feedback and Advice:

EnterpriseDB will provide feedback on your proposed Application architecture when provided in writing. EnterpriseDB’s response will be limited to aspects of the architecture related directly to the Postgres Database.

EnterpriseDB will provide database centered feedback and advice on your written application design. This can be for an existing application, or an application that is still being designed.

EnterpriseDB will review and make comments on code examples provided. Additionally EnterpriseDB may provide code samples as examples and illustrations.

EnterpriseDB will provide general database tuning advice. This is not a replacement for a full Architecture Health Check (AHC). Contact us for more information on a complete Architecture Health Check.

  • Application architecture
  • Application design
  • Application best practices
  • Code samples when appropriate
  • Database Tuning Parameters
  • Workarounds to common database issues.
  • Common diagnostic procedures
  • Walk-throughs on some specific issues to speed development. These issues must be described in writing prior to scheduling the walk-through.
  • First time deployment assistance

Non-supported Incident Types

  • Any software not downloaded from . Exceptions may be available by contacting your account manager.
  • Changes to your PostgreSQL distribution’s source code.
  • Complex tuning / configuration. If complex tuning and configuration feedback is needed, please contact your account manager about an Architecture Health Check (AHC).
  • Complex application debugging.
  • Database tier architecture / design.
  • Production deployment and operations.
  • Partitioning, Replication or High Availability. This includes streaming and xDB MMR/SMR replication.

Download the Developer Subscription data sheet.

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